Manage roster

Add, remove and reactivate players to create a team roster. Teams and groups require players to function and as such so do many of the features built in squadSet.

Media & document library

Keep a media and document library to share with your team mates.


Communicate with your teammates with our built-in email and discussion features

Fees and payments

Charges players fees and record the collection of those fees. If you would like to charge interest on the fees you can as well


Group teams into one cohesive unit by creating a league.

Scheduling & Attendance

Plan and record team and league activities, inform players and record attendance all at your fingers


Assign teammates to bring particular items for each activity


Do some team housekeeping and ensure that all the players have accomplished particular tasks. React to those who have or have not completed the tasks


Quickly create a short questionnaire for your team members to complete. Polls are an easy way to get answers for questions and easily view the answers


Allow individuals to become fans of your team. Once an individual becomes a fan the team can directly communicate with the fan using team announcements and email notifications to fans.